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Novatech creative event technology

Novatech creative event technology

Triplescore is powered by Novatech creative event technology! Novatech is one of Australia's leading and most respected audio visual production companies!



Australia's best Live cover band is ready to rock your event.

Completely live and energetic, Triplescore are not afraid to dominate the stage and sound system providing an exciting, dynamic and totally engaging show.

Triplescore mixes the best contemporary music with rock classics and a dash of the most current dance tracks. This high impact show has entertained audiences across the world and continues to become one of Australia's most sought after corporate acts.

Triplescore is one of the very few bands whose sound relies on great musicianship and not computers! The difference is in the sound!

Don't forget to check out for Triplescore's original material, or become a Facebook friend and join Triplescore's group to be informed about our special events.

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